Making it Different

04 Jul 2013 - 30 Aug 2013

'Making it Different' brings together two bodies of work, both addressing the challenges of housing in our ever growing urban environments.

Room one features Wylie's paintings and sketches of Le Corbusier's monument to modernity, Chandigarh. Commissioned in 1947 following partition, Chandigarh was Le Corbusier's tabula rasa and stood as a symbol of India's faith in its future.

Alongside this, room two houses the collaboration between Peter Wylie & Roger Zogolovitch, architect and developer. Paintings, prints and models are displayed exploring homes in the sky space as the next territory in the city. In contrast to what has gone before Roger & Peter's vision incorporates existing cityscapes. By acknowledging what stands and not bulldozing to start afresh, cities grow in celebration of their pasts. In contrast to the 'clean slate' of Chandigarh, here our cities can be extended upwards, whilst retaining their identity with respect to their histories.

The exhibition also sees the launch of the manifesto, 'Making it Different'. Designed and published in conjunction with Abrahams and featuring an introduction by Fred Scott.

Peter Wylie first exhibited at Eleven Spitalfields in April 2011 with the exhibition, Concrete (B├Ęton Brut). A collection of works that examined the visionary social housing of the 1960s by architects such as Erno Goldfinger, the Smithsons and Ladsun. These paintings were praised by Owen Hatherley for depicting 'everyday city life and a monumental modernism live together unassumingly'. Peter's work hangs in this years Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, was shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize in 2009 and was awarded the Lynn Painters-Stainers Prize in 2010. His work can be seen alongside iconic Twentieth Century art collected by Goldfinger for his home 2 Willow Rd, and now under the care of the National Trust. 

As chairman of SolidSpace, Roger Zogolovitch specialises in innovative ways of delivering new housing. He is a member of the Royal Academy Client committee and a Past President of the Architectural Association, where he graduated in 1971.